Spanbild Projects is uniquely positioned to
add value through every stage of your project.

With comprehensive design, manufacture, construction and management capabilities – supported by the resources of the Spanbild Group – Spanbild Projects is your ideal project partner. A key point of difference in our value offer is that we manufacture what we build – saving you time and money.

Working from the initial design stages, Spanbild Projects can offer a multi-disciplinary team approach to help you plan, scope and develop your project. From materials and supply-chain management, to cost and finance, our proven experience can make a difference to your project from the outset.

Balancing strength and versatility, cost and functionality, our in-house engineering team offer a design-led approach to every project. By working closely together, our design and engineering teams and factory managers are able to prototype, test and modify as required – ideal when a project calls for original and untested designs. For projects requiring complex delivery schedules, or tightly controlled access, our ability to pre-fabricate components and deliver complete to your site can make all the difference to a successful project timeline.

One of our key advantages is scale. Whether you are looking for a precise component, or a total package
for a large-scale development, we are able to put our design, manufacture, build and management capabilities to work for you. Spanbild Projects can
also source a broad variety of materials, including panel, brick and concrete, which meet the same exacting industry specifications as Spanbild’s own manufactured products.


Spanbild Projects has an established record of delivering rapid, cost-effective and highly successful building solutions for both the private and public sector. Bringing together commercial partners – from supply, to construction, to finance – Spanbild Projects can provide access to a broad range of experience and capability to ensure the best possible results for any project.

 And, our relationship with the project doesn’t stop once it is complete, with services like facilities management, and the ability to support multi-stage projects through our signature modular designs, making us the ideal long-term partner for the life of your project.

For every part of our operation, we have demonstrated successes in a broad range of local projects, giving you and your organisation the peace of mind of knowing Spanbild Projects can deliver.

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